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EASVO - European Association of State Veterinary Officers

This section represents veterinary inspectors, most of whom are employed in State Veterinary Services. They are involved in national disease eradication programmes, the protection of public health and food or animal inspection. Some are employed at border inspection posts, checking the health and certificates of imported and exported animals or products of animal origin. They may also help to elaborate or implement legislation regarding these domains, or work in State veterinary laboratories. In this way, Veterinary Officers play an important role in the eradication and prevention of disease in animals and in the protection of Public Health on a national and European level. They are also called to advise the government and work in conjunction with practicing veterinarians in case of notifiable disease outbreaks.

The interests of State Veterinary Officers on a European level are represented by the EASVO, the European umbrella organization of national veterinary officers' associations. The EASVO was founded in 1980.

EASVO Board 2017 - 2019:

- President: J. Clark (UK)
- Secretary General: O.H. Tronerud (NO)
- Treasurer: C. Rossi-Broy (DE)
- Vice-president: P. Bravek (CZ)
- Vice-president: F. Loup (CH)

- Senior President: R. Finn (IE)

EASVO member associations:
  • Austria: Österreichische Tierärztekammer (ÖTK)
  • Belgium: State Veterinary Officer Section of the Union Syndicale Vétérinaire Belge / Belgische syndicale Dierenartsenvereniging (USVB/BSDV)
  • Denmark: Den Danske Dyrlægeforening (DDD)
  • Finland: Suomen Eläinlääkäriliitto / Finlands Veterinärförbund (SELL)
  • France: Syndicat National des Vétérinaires de l'Administration (SNVIA)
  • Germany: Bundesverband beamteter Tierärzte (BbT)
  • Greece: Panhellenic Union of State Veterinary Officers (PUSVO)
  • Iceland: Icelandic Veterinary Association (DYR)
  • Ireland: Veterinary Officers' Association (VOA)
  • Italy: Sindacato Italiano Veterinari di Medicina Pubblica (SIVeMP)
  • Netherlands: Section of Quality Care and Public Health of the Koninklijke Nederlandse Maatschappij voor Diergeneeskunde (KNMvD)
  • Norway: Den Norske Veterinærforening (DNV)
  • Portugal: Ordem dos Médicos Veterinarios (OMV)
  • Sweden: Sveriges Veterinärförbund (SVF)
  • Spain: Consejo General de Colegios Veterinarios de España (CGCVE)
  • Switzerland: Gesellschaft Schweizerischer Tierärzte / Société des Vétérinaires Suisses (GST/SVS)
  • United Kingdom: Association of Government Veterinarians (AGV)
  • Czech Republic: Veterinary Chamber of the Czech Republic (KVL-CR)
  • Poland: Polish National Veterinary Chamber (KIL-W)
Contact: info@fve.org