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EVERI is an umbrella organization of national and European associations of veterinarians employed in the sectors of education, research and/or industry, founded in 2005. The objectives of EVERI are to provide members with up-to-date information on CoE and EU policies and legislation related to education, professional qualifications, medicines and welfare of laboratory animals, to provide a platform for veterinarians working in those fields, to promote professional representation at the level of European decision making bodies, and to be a coordinator between the different members and FVE. The constituent organization has members employed by academia, profit and non-profit research, pharmaceutical or commercial organizations, or act as consultants for these.

EVERI's mission is to promote the health and well being of man and animals by creating a better understanding with the general public of the benefits of research, innovation and education in veterinary sciences.

EVERI was officially welcomed as FVE Section during the 2005 November General Assembly in Brussels.


EVERI Board 2017-2019:

President: Sabine Schüller(Germany)
Vice-President: Jean-Louis Pellerin (France)
Treasurer: Ellef Blakstad (Norway)
Communication: Massenzio Fornasier (Italy)

Special Project Support: Valda Sejane (Latvia)


The EVERI board consists of a President, a Past President, a Treasurer, a Communication manager and Project Leaders dedicated to special topics.


Position papers

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EVERI Strategy 2015-2017

EVERI Strategy 2013 - 2015




Latest news

  • WVA Learning Platform
    The World Continuing Education Alliance sources Veterinary CE content around the world from Veterinary Experts, University Lecturers, Training Organizations, Manufacturers and other Veterinary Associations with the goal of creating the largest resource of Veterinary CE in the World which is made available to every Veterinary Association.
    Authors and Organizations can upload CE content using the FREE Veterinary CE LMS or using the sophisticated Learning and Content Management Solutions. Learn more here and here
  • Summer classes in food hygiene
    The Faculty of Veterinary Hygiene and Ecology in Brno organises summer classes in food hygiene and food safety for students or graduate veterinarains. Read more
  • 3Rs:
    UK-Government publication on Working to reduce the use of animals in research

External Practical Training(EPT project)

All veterinary students need to spend some time gaining work experience in the various fields of the veterinary profession. Veterinary faculties help in offering suitable places. And generally areas such as farm animal and companion animal practice are covered well. Less common areas do not immediately attract young graduates and are harder to find, while being not less interesting.

EVERI is providing an information hub to facilitate contact between students, the various colleges of specialization and private enterprises on a European and international level. EVERI is also aiming to establish extramural study opportunities, which fulfill certain conditions demonstrating content, ambition and contribution of the studies to the curriculum to be eligible for credits.

If you are interested please contact EVERI - ems.everi@fve.org - for the more information (places available, training period, funding,etc) and for the application form.


EPT - Introduction to veterinary policy making
LONDON, UK from 16 - 20 December 2019

Through EVERI the UK GVS offer two (2) places for students from EVERI/FVE members countries to join a group of  approximately 10-15  UK students to attend the training. You may will find more information in the flyer here.

Only suitable for final year (last two years) veterinary students with a good level of English language. No accommodation, transport costs and food is provided for the UK or EU participants. Two candidates from FVE members, however, will be supported by EVERI with up to 800 Euros each on a completion of the final report.

The closing date is 05 November 2019. Please apply through EVERI ems.everi@fve.org with a short statement of up to 300 words – excluding references, on your understanding of “How can veterinarians influence policy making”. The applicants who secure one week placement with the home Competent Authority in either animal, public health or welfare and within 10 months after this course will have better chances in securing a place. If so please submit the date, name and the contact details of the possible placement.

Please also read carefully the administration routines and Application form.


EPT in Aquatic Animal Health and Aquaculture

In Norway

EVERI has taken up again the EPT scheme in Aquatic medicine, that was running for three years between 2014 and 2016. This scheme is now open for applicants in 2019. The Scheme is taking place from June 3rd to June 14th 2019. You will find a description of the Scheme here (link to the enclosed document. extramural study award scheme 2019). Please also read carefully the administration routines and Application form.

You can download reports from former participants here and here.


EPT in Public Health and Food Safety

In Czech Republic - Brno

In collaboration with The University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences Brno, Faculty of Veterinary Hygiene and Ecology, EVERI is offering External Practical Training opportunities in Public Health and Food Safety. The EPT scheme (part of Summer school) is now open for applicants in 2019. Please read the administration routines and apply by 30 June 2019 using the Application form.



EPT Vets and Bees

In collaboration with The University of Zagreb, Department for Biology and Pathology of Fish and Bees in Croatia, EVERI is looking into External Practical Training opportunities in beekeeping either in Croatia or other countries. The EPT scheme in Veterinarians and Bees is now open for applicants in 2019. Please read carefully the administration routines and apply by 1 June 2019 by using the Application form.


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