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UEVP - Union of European Veterinary Practitioners
all creatures, great and smallPracticing veterinarians are without a doubt the sector of the veterinary profession best known to the public. Caring for the health of companion, farm and/or zoo animals, they are also the largest group, representing around two thirds of the veterinary work force in Europe. Practicing veterinarians may be self-employed, an associate partner, or work as salaried assistant or locum (relief veterinarian). In some countries, veterinary practitioners are employed by the state or by municipalities.

Though all veterinarians receive a general basic training, encompassing all animal species and diseases, a growing number of practitioners are specializing in one or more species (such as companion animals, horses, pigs) or in a particular discipline (e.g. dermatology, surgery, internal medicine, reproduction, ophthalmology).

The interests of practicing veterinarians on a European level are represented since 1970 by the UEVP, the European umbrella organization of national veterinary practitioners' associations.

UEVP Board 2015-2017:

Thierry Chambon President:
Thierry Chambon (FR)
Kenelm Lewis

Vice President:

Kenelm Lewis (UK)

Piotr Kwieciński


Vice President:
Piotr Kwieciński (PL)


Bob Carriere Vice President:
Bob Carrière (NL)
Torill Moseng


General Secretary:

Torill Moseng (NO)

Marjan Tacer Treasurer: Marjan Tacer (SLO)

UEVP member countries:

  • Austria: Österreichische Tierärztekammer (ÖTK)
  • Belgium: Union Professionnelle Vétérinaire (UPV) and Vlaamse Dierenartsen Vereniging (VDV)
  • Croatia: Hravtska Veterinarska Komora (HVK)
  • Czech Republik: Chamber of Veterinary Surgeons of Czech Republic
  • Denmark: Den Danske Dyrlægeforening (DDD)
  • Estonia: Eesti Loomaarstide Ühing (ELY)
  • Finland: Suomen Eläinlaäkäriliitto (SELL)
  • France: Syndicat National des Vétérinaires d'Exercice libéral (SNVEL)
  • Germany: Bundesverband praktizierender Tierärzte (BPT)
  • Greece: Hellenic Veterinary Association (PKS)
  • Hungary: Magyar Állatorvosi Kamara (MAOK)
  • Ireland: Veterinary Ireland
  • Italy: Associazione Nationale Medici Veterinari Italiani (ANMVI)
  • Latvia: Latvijas Veterinararstu Biedriba (LBV)
  • Luxemburg: Association des Médecines Vétérinaires du Grand-Duché du Luxembourg (AMVL)
  • Netherlands: Koninklijke Nederlandse Maatschappij voor Diergeneeskunde (KNMvD)
  • Norway: Den Norske Veterinærforening (DNV)
  • Poland: Krajowa Izba Lekarsko-Weterynaryjna (KIL-W)
  • Portugal: Sindicato Nacional dos Médicos Véterinàrios (SNMV)
  • Romania: Romanian College of Veterinarians, The Patronage of the private Veterinarians od Romania (PMVPR)
  • Slovak Republic: Komora veterinárnych lekárov Slovenskej Republiky
  • Slovenia: Veterinarska Zbornica
  • Spain: Consejo General de Colegios Veterinarios de España (CGCVE)
  • Sweden: Sveriges Veterinärförbund (SVF)
  • Switzerland: Gesellschaft Schweizer Tierärzte (GST)
  • United Kingdom: British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA)
  • United Kingdom: Society of Practising Veterinary Surgeons (SPVS)
  • Federation of European Companion Animal Veterinary Associations (FECAVA)
  • Federation of European Equine Veterinary Association (FEEVA)