Federation of Veterinarians of Europe
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FVE is composed of Members and Sections. Members of FVE are national veterinary organisations from 38 European countries.
Sections are European organisations representing vocational groups of the veterinary profession in Europe. FVE currently includes four specialised veterinary groups or Sections: Practising Veterinarians (UEVP), Hygienists and Public Health Veterinarians (UEVH), Veterinarians working in Education, Veterinary Research and Industry (EVERI) and State Veterinary Officers (EASVO).

General Assembly
Twice a year representatives of FVE members meet in the General Assembly. The Spring General Assembly is traditionally organised by one of FVE's Members and the Autumn General Assembly is held in Brussels. The General Assembly has the following powers: to define FVE policy, to approve the finances, to approve or exclude members or observers, to elect the new FVE Board and to control the activities of the Board.

Board of Directors
The FVE Board consists of a President, a Treasurer and three Vice Presidents. The President and Board are elected for two years and can be re-elected once. The FVE Board meets several times a year to discuss current issues and FVE's strategy.

Board 2015-2017

The new FVE Board from 2015 to 2017 is composed by:

Rafael Laguens (FVE President, ES)
Zsolt Pinter (HU)
Andrew Robinson (UK)
Arne Skjoldager (DK)
Rens Van Dobbenburgh (NL)

Walter Winding


Rafael Laguens (Spain)


Zsolt Pintér (Hungary)


Andrew Robinson (UK)

Rainer Schneichel


Arne Skjoldager (Denmark)


Rens van Dobbenburgh (the Netherlands)

Christophe Buhot

FVE Secretariat

FVE has a Permanent Office in Brussels, employing Executive Director (Jan Vaarten) and 3 other staff members. The Permanent office supervises the day-to-day activities of the FVE and reports to the FVE Board.

Jan Vaarten, Executive Director
Nancy De Briyne, Deputy Executive Director
Francesco Proscia, Veterinary Policy Officer
Despoina Iatridou, Veterinary Policy Officer
Ulrike Tewes, Office Manager

To contact a staff member by e-mail, use

FVE Staff

Avenue de Tervueren 12
B-1040 Brussels
Tel.: +32 2 533 70 20