Federation of Veterinarians of Europe

Veterinary Continuous Education in Europe





VetCEE is a joint initiative of EAEVE, EBVS, FVE and UEVP

It has developed a Standard for structured continuing professional development and mutual recognition across Europe.

VetCEE Standard is complemented by separate dossier of competences based on the VETCEE standard. Each dossier of competences has been developed in collaboration with European associations acting on each different discipline of the veterinary medicine.

So far, VetCEE has adopted six (6) Dossiers of competences.

VetTCEE appoints independent panels of experts to evaluate programmes in the European countries according to the Standard and the respective Dossier of Competencies. Programmes that successfully pass the evaluation are approved by the VetCEE Board and granted the VetCEE Approval logo.





Standards and Dossiers of Competences

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Andrew BYRNE (Chair)

Valerie BEATTY (Treasurer)






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VETCEE Office:

Avenue de Tervueren 12,1040 Brussels - Belgium

Tel: +32 2 533 70 20








VETCEE Standard (Revised March 2016)

Dossier of Competencies available







VETCEE accepts applications for the evaluation and approval of mid-tier veterinary programmes. In order to go on with the evaluation of your programme, please download the application form and dully complete it according to the instructions.

Questıons & Answers for the programme provıders

Please contact VETCEE Secretariat for any further information on how to apply.








Approved programmes in Equine Veterinary Practice
1. (NEW!) Certificado Europeo en Clínica Equina (European Certificate in Equine Practice) by Consejo General de Colegios Veterinarios de España


Approved programmes in Bovine Health Management
1. Certified in Bovine Veterinary Medicine by Ghent University- More info


Approved programmes in Porcine Health Management
1. Certified in Porcine Veterinary Medicine by Ghent University in Belgium - More info


Approved programmes in Laboratory Animal Science and Medicine
1. UNIVERSITAT AUTONOMA DE BARCELONA post-graduate programme in Laboratory Animal Science and Medicine - More info


Approved programmes in Companion Animal Medicine
1. Post graduate training programme in Small Animal Veterinary Medicine of Ghent University in Belgium
2. Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences-University of Copenhagen and the Danish Veterinary Association in Denmark - More info
3. British Small Animal Veterinary Association and Nottingham Trent University in UK - More info
4. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine- University of Life Sciences of Lublin in Poland



  • VETCEE Approval logo must be used only by evaluated and approved programmes for any legitimate use and according to intructions.