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FVE Survey of the veterinary profession in Europe

The Federation of Veterinarians of Europe (FVE) and its member organisations have a strong interest in the on-going developments in the European labour market for veterinarians. Job opportunities and challenges for veterinarians are being discussed almost continuously. For this reason FVE commissioned a survey to assess bench-marking statistics for the profession pertaining to demographic, work market and financial indicators.


The report allows for the first time to compare Veterinary demographic, labour market and financial indicators between European Countries. As this is the first survey of its kind progressive trends cannot be determined at this stage. A second survey (within a timeframe of 4 years and funded by the sales) will help illustrate development over time in observations made in this survey.


  • Task force analysis & Executive summary



EVERI/ ESLAV Task Force report

This report is the outcome of the work of EVERI/ ESLAV Task Force that was presented to the FVE General Assembly in June 2016.

Veterinary students survey


This is a FVE-IVSA collaboration that helps to gain insight in knowledge gaps and future job opportunities in order to face new challenges and to fulfill the mission of the veterinarians towards the society.

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IVSA SCoVE (Standing Committee on Veterinary Training) presentation on Career Paths.




USA demography report

AVMA surveyed veterinarians across the country and across the profession to get a better understanding
of employment, unemployment and underemployment in the profession, as well as the factors affecting each.